The training on Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (PhilGAP) in RiceBIS communities in Quezon

Monday, May 20, 2024 - 10:45

NIA-Quezon IMO collaborated with the Department of Agriculture IV-CALABARZON (DA-4A) for a two-day training on PhilGAP in RiceBIS communities, in association with SAFAFED, MARBENCO, TBIA, and Moran IA in Sariaya, Quezon.

The goal of PhilGAP is to improve the quality and safety of farming, increase production, and maintain environmental sustainability. Further, the activity aims to educate farmers on proper use of fertilizers and pesticides, efficient water and land management, and use of modern technology

In PhilGAP, farmers became more familiar with the standards and practices, giving them skills and knowledge to enhance their farming methods. These steps are crucial in ensuring an adequate and quality food supply while protecting the environment and livelihoods of Filipino farmers.

The training was conducted through the collaboration of DA-PhilRice Los Baños, NIA, LGU Sariaya, ADB-PRIMEX, DA-RFO IV-A Regulatory and F2C2 Divisions, DA-BPI, and DA-APCO Quezon.

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