Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - 10:15

NIA Region IV-A Institutional Development Unit together with Laguna-Rizal IMO, Cavite-Batangas IMO, and Quezon IMO conducted its 2-day Supervision, Monitoring and Support ( SMES )at NIA Training Center, Pila, Laguna.

A semi-annual regular meeting, the activity aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each IMO in IDP Implementation. It also caters discussion to source out opportunities for a more successful implementation and replan the remaining annual activities of IDP in the IMOs to fast track activities and accomplishments.

Regional Manager Engr. Roberto Dela Cruz emphasized the importance of the said activity to strengthen institutional works of the agency. He further encouraged the participants to work together in the preparation of relevant reports needed most especially in monitoring and implementation of Rice Contract Farming Support Program.

The conduct of the activity is part of the Agency's preparation for the upcoming Nationwide IDP Supervision, Monitoring, Evaluation and Support (SMES).

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NIA Laguna-Rizal IMO Leads Distribution of Observation Wells in Sta. Cruz RIS for Tubuan-Tanza Irrigators’ Associations

Friday, June 7, 2024 - 14:15

PILA, Laguna - NIA Laguna Rizal IMO conducts the Distribution of Observation Wells spearheaded by Engr. Fidel P. Martinez together with NIA IV-A officials to the two (2) Irrigators' Associations of Sta. Cruz RIS particularly Tubuan-Tanza IA and Masagana IA.

The distributed perforated observation wells [PVC pipes] are inserted 15 cm into the ground to monitor the water depth in the field. This water-saving technology aims to reduce water demand and consumption in rice fields without decreasing crop yields.

Moreover, the adaptation of this technology is in accordance with the NIA Board of Directors Resolution No. 2383-16 series of 2016 and NIA MC 35 s. 2016.

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NIA IV-A Conducts Seminar on CARP-IC Project Operations and Maintenance Manual in CALABARZON

Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 10:15

NIA IV-A holds Seminar on the Preparation of Operations and Maintenance Manual and Quarterly Solid Report of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program - Irrigation Component (CARP-IC) projects and systems in CALABARZON region.

Led by Engineering and Operations Division Manager Engr. Erwin Lucela and CARP-IC Project Manager Engr. Robertino Lapeña, the activity aims to harmonize, standardize, and fast-track submissions of O&M manuals and solid reports.

AFD Manager Ms. Reynaria Tapia warmly welcomes the participants emphasizing the importance of the activity to continously improve the performance of CARP-IC. Engr. Lucela, on the other hand, expresses his gratitude to CARP-IC PMO for the unwavering support being given to the Agency.

PM Lapeña highlights the readiness of the PMO to support not only NIA CALABARZON but all CARP-IC projects nationwide.

Present during the activity were CARP-IC PMO officials, NIA IV-A CARP-IC personnel, and other NIA IV-A key officials.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 08:15

NIA Region IV-A spearheaded a convergence meeting for the purpose of synchronizing the goal of mitigating socioeconomic scarring by ensuring food security through the NIA Rice Contract Farming.

Joined by different government agencies such as DA RFO-IV-A, DA-AMAD, PCIC, CDA, NFA, PHILMECH, PHILRICE, PHILHEALTH and Municipal Agriculture Offices of municipalities involved in contract farming, this aims to harmonize and complement government services for the CALABARZON Rice Contract Farming program.

EOD Manager, Engr. Erwin M. Lucela, expressed his gratitude for the support given to NIA during the process of implementation. He also thanked the agencies who manifested support in the post-harvest and marketing of rice.

While the program is ongoing in pilot areas of CALABARZON, Convergence, Coordination and Cooperation are the key elements for its success.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 13:15

The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) CALABARZON has reported damages to irrigation systems and crops across the region following the impact of Typhoon Aghon. The severe weather event caused an estimated total damage of PHP 200.3 million to irrigation systems and affected a total of 6,015 hectares of agricultural lands, negatively impacting the agricultural sector and the livelihood of local farmers.

To address the damages on irrigation canals, protection works, canal structures, and dams, the agency has outlined immediate repair plans categorized into Level I and Level II. Level I includes emergency works aimed at restoring service areas and saving standing crops, with an estimated cost pegged at PHP 55.3 million. Level II involves comprehensive repairs to ensure the long-term stability of irrigation structures, with an estimated cost of PHP 145 million.

The agency also recorded a total of 6,569 farmers across the region have been directly affected by the typhoon. The NIA is coordinating with Local Government Units (LGUs) and relevant agencies to provide support and assistance to these farmers, ensuring they receive the necessary aid to recover and continue their agricultural activities.

On the part of NIA, the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) personnel of the agency took proactive work to clear debris along the irrigation canals as an initial and immediate action to restore the flow of irrigation water, ensuring continuous water distribution for agricultural purposes.

The NIA CALABARZON remains committed to rehabilitating and improving irrigation infrastructure to withstand future weather events. This includes upgrading current systems and implementing more resilient designs.

Numerous areas in CALABARZON region, particularly in Quezon and Laguna provinces, were under Typhoon Signal No. 2 during the onslaught of Typhoon Aghon last May 25.

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