Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 08:45

18 May 2023 – The National Irrigation Administration led by NIA Sr. Deputy Administrator Engr. Robert Suguitan convenes Irrigators’ Associations (IAs), Provincial and Local Government Units, and other National Government Agencies (NGAs) in Region IV-A to facilitate a holistic approach to improve the lives of Filipino farmers in the five (5) provinces in the region.

The conduct of the Regional Stakeholders’ Forum is one of the Agency’s mechanisms to present the Agency’s direction and policy agenda, as well as to gather feedback from the farmers on how the Agency can improve its irrigation service. Also, it aims to solicit support from farmers and national government agencies in irrigation project implementation.

In his message, Engr. Suguitan highlights the importance of coordination, collaboration, and complementation of programs and service of the government to address challenges on agriculture sector.

“Hindi kaya ng NIA lamang o ng iisa lamang na Agency, dapat sama-sama tayo para masuportahan natin ang adhikain ng pamahalaan para sa food security.”, he said.

Said activity also serves as a venue to address farmers' concerns regarding irrigation development for management intervention and to present existing plans and programs of other NGAs which can directly assist the farmers in their concerns on agriculture.

NIA IV-A Regional Manager Wilson Lopez presents the current status of irrigation development in the region. He calls on the stronger support of LGUs and other Government Agencies to facilitate improved service to our Filipino farmers.

“Panahon na para ipadama natin ang suporta sa magsasaka. Panahon na para sila naman ang maging bida”, he added.

According to the data released by the Agency, the CALABARZON region has an estimated total potential irrigable area of 85, 929 hectares of agricultural land. Out of this, the Agency managed to develop a total of 67,451 hectares which translates to 78.50% irrigation development in the region. In 2022, there were about 75 completed irrigation projects situated in various provinces in the region.

The highlight of the event is the signing of the pledge of commitment wherein officials, representatives of government agencies, farmers seal their cooperation thru a symbolic signature.

Also present during the activity were Governors, District Representatives, Municipal and City Mayors, officials & representatives of various NGAs, officials & employees from the NIA Central Office, Regional Office, and Irrigation Management offices, and members and officials of Irrigators Associations.

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Sen. Villar, NIA, and LGU Bacoor lead the Turnover Ceremony for Long-Reach Excavator to Enhance Dredging and Desilting Operations

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - 08:45

16 May 2023 - In a significant stride towards efficient dredging and desilting works in Molino Dam and other existing dams in Cavite province, Senator Mark Villar spearheaded the Turnover Ceremony for 1 Unit of Long Reach Excavator with 1 Unit of Pontoon Equipment.

The acquisition of this state-of-the-art equipment is a result of the efforts initiated by Senator Cynthia Villar, who emphasizes the necessity of continuous maintenance to ensure river cleanliness, efficient irrigation, and improved flood control.

During the event, NIA Regional Manager Wilson Lopez highlighted that this new equipment signifies the agency's commitment to modernization and innovation.

“Mahalaga po ito sapagkat ma a-address na natin yung problema natin sa siltation at makakatulong para sa flood control din ng bayan ng Bacoor sapagkat lalaki yung storage capacity ng tubig natin sa dam”he added.

Expressing gratitude to National Irrigation Administration thru the leadership of NIA Administrator Engr. Eddie G. Guillen, Senator Mark Villar underscored the significance of the equipment in facilitating year-round dredging and desilting operations for the Bacoor-Las Piñas river clean-up and control.

“Nagbunga po yung pag lobby natin para magkaroon tayo ng pondo para makabili ng ganitong equipment na malaki ang maitutulong sa paglilinis ng ating ilog at ng Molino Dam. Matagal na po itong advocacy ng aming pamilya na pangalagaan ang ating mga ilog, kalikasan, at agrikultura kaya naman masaya kami na naisakatuparan ang proyekto na ito”, he stated.

In line with this development, Bacoor City Mayor Strike Revilla emphasized the equipment's importance in tackling flooding issues in the City of Bacoor during the rainy season. He also revealed plans to further enhance the dam area, transforming it into a potential eco-tourism site that would create additional opportunities and livelihood for the people of Bacoor.

“Matagal na natin pangarap ito, napakalaki po ng potential ng ating dam kaya kung malilinis natin ang ilog at maibabalik natin sa original capacity ang ating dam ay talagang makakatulong ito sa aming problema sa tubig," Mayor Revilla commented.

The long-reach excavator with pontoon equipment is a specialized machinery that effortlessly accesses hard-to-reach areas, enabling efficient dredging and desilting operations in rivers and dams. The added pontoon equipment ensures exceptional stability on soft or unstable terrain, enabling operators to maneuver safely in marshes and shallow water bodies.

The successful acquisition and delivery of this cutting-edge equipment proves the importance of inter-agency coordination in addressing pressing challenges in agriculture and the environment. This milestone marks a significant stride towards the preservation and sustainable development of the province’s water resources.

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NIA IV-A undergoes BAICS

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - 08:45

May 9, 2023 - The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region IV-A commenced the conduct of an Operations Level - Internal Control Checklist (ICC) for the Baseline Assessment of Internal Control System (BAICS) at the newly established Training Center in Pila Laguna. This crucial undertaking aims to shed light on the Agency's Internal Control System (ICS), with a particular focus on identifying areas that require strengthening and improvement.

The assessment, aligned with the Internal Audit Order No. 2 series of 2023, aims to examine the NIA's internal control mechanisms and identify potential audit areas that are more relevant to the organization's operational processes. By conducting this assessment, NIA aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its internal controls, ensuring accountability, transparency, and compliance across its operations.

The activity in NIA IV-A was organized into two separate batches. The initial batch, held on May 8, involved participants from the Regional Office and Laguna-Rizal IMO. The second batch will consist of key officials and personnel from the Cavite-Batangas IMO and Quezon IMO.

The BAICS activity involves a thorough examination of the agency's internal control policies, procedures, and practices. It seeks to identify any existing gaps or weaknesses in the system, which may leave room for errors, fraud, or inefficiencies. By evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal controls, NIA aims to fortify its processes and minimize potential risks that could impact the organization's performance and overall mission.

The assessment process entails close collaboration among various units and departments within the organization, including Regional Managers, Department Managers, Division Managers, and other relevant personnel. By conducting the BAICS, the agency is demonstrating its dedication to continually improve its internal control system, aligning it with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

The event was spearheaded and facilitated by the NIA Central Office Internal Audit Service (IAS) composed of Ms. Ma. Kathleen Barbosa, Control Officer for the Financial Audit Section of the Financial and Operations Audit Division, Ms. Janice Luyun, Team Leader for Activity Engagement & Operations Aspect Facilitator, Mr. Melvincent Cablayan, Sr. Internal Control Officer A, and Ms. Alyssa Linco, Sr. Internal Control Officer B.

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NIA IV-A Collaborates with Local Police Forces to Conduct Drug-Free Workforce and Workplace Orientation

Monday, May 8, 2023 - 08:45

In a joint effort to promote a safe and drug-free environment, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region IV-A, in partnership with the Laguna Police Provincial Office and Pila Municipal Police Station, is currently conducting an orientation on maintaining a drug-free workforce and workplace. The initiative, led by Engr. Wilson Lopez and PMAJ Abelardo Jarabejo III, aims to educate employees and create awareness regarding the detrimental effects of drug use.

Expressing his appreciation, NIA IV-A Regional Manager Wilson Lopez extends his gratitude to the Philippine National Police (PNP) for their unwavering support in the agency's endeavor to establish a secure and drug-free government institution.

The activity is in accordance with Republic Act (RA) 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2022.


Friday, May 5, 2023 - 08:45

National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Deputy Administrator for Engineering and Operations Sector, Engr. C'zar Sulaik, recently conducted a visit and inspection of the nearing completion of the NIA Region IV-A Material Testing Laboratory. Accompanied by NIA officials, led by Engr. Wilson Lopez, the purpose of the visit was to assess the progress of the facility.

During the inspection, RM Lopez explained the functionality of the recently acquired machinery and equipment, which had been delivered to the laboratory. These additions are crucial components of the testing facility and will play a significant role in ensuring the quality of materials used in the construction of irrigation projects. The facility aims to enhance the overall standard of irrigation projects by guaranteeing the utilization of high-quality materials.

Meanwhile, DA Sulaik discussed the future plans and programs of the NIA in alignment with the vision of the current NIA Administration, headed by NIA Administrator Engr. Eddie G. Guillen. Among the initiatives mentioned were the convergence programs between NIA and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to construct access roads that connect agricultural lands to marketplaces. This collaboration seeks to facilitate the transportation of agricultural produce, benefiting farmers and enhancing market accessibility.

DA Sulaik also emphasized the importance of interagency coordination to expedite the National Government's plans to support Filipino farmers in improving their livelihoods and achieving food security for the nation. By promoting collaboration and strategic planning, the NIA aims to uplift the agricultural sector and ensure a sustainable future for farmers across the country.

Said inspection was conducted right after the NIA Laguna-Rizal IMO’s turnover of leadership between Engr. Armando Flores (Outgoing official) and Engr. Fidel Martinez (Incoming official).

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