NIA IV-A undergoes BAICS

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - 08:45

May 9, 2023 - The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region IV-A commenced the conduct of an Operations Level - Internal Control Checklist (ICC) for the Baseline Assessment of Internal Control System (BAICS) at the newly established Training Center in Pila Laguna. This crucial undertaking aims to shed light on the Agency's Internal Control System (ICS), with a particular focus on identifying areas that require strengthening and improvement.

The assessment, aligned with the Internal Audit Order No. 2 series of 2023, aims to examine the NIA's internal control mechanisms and identify potential audit areas that are more relevant to the organization's operational processes. By conducting this assessment, NIA aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its internal controls, ensuring accountability, transparency, and compliance across its operations.

The activity in NIA IV-A was organized into two separate batches. The initial batch, held on May 8, involved participants from the Regional Office and Laguna-Rizal IMO. The second batch will consist of key officials and personnel from the Cavite-Batangas IMO and Quezon IMO.

The BAICS activity involves a thorough examination of the agency's internal control policies, procedures, and practices. It seeks to identify any existing gaps or weaknesses in the system, which may leave room for errors, fraud, or inefficiencies. By evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal controls, NIA aims to fortify its processes and minimize potential risks that could impact the organization's performance and overall mission.

The assessment process entails close collaboration among various units and departments within the organization, including Regional Managers, Department Managers, Division Managers, and other relevant personnel. By conducting the BAICS, the agency is demonstrating its dedication to continually improve its internal control system, aligning it with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

The event was spearheaded and facilitated by the NIA Central Office Internal Audit Service (IAS) composed of Ms. Ma. Kathleen Barbosa, Control Officer for the Financial Audit Section of the Financial and Operations Audit Division, Ms. Janice Luyun, Team Leader for Activity Engagement & Operations Aspect Facilitator, Mr. Melvincent Cablayan, Sr. Internal Control Officer A, and Ms. Alyssa Linco, Sr. Internal Control Officer B.

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