NIA IV-A conduct training on OPPIS & PSIDSS

Monday, March 27, 2023 - 08:30

NIA IV-A, led by Regional Manager Wilson, Lopez conducts Training-Orientation on the Application of Online Project Procurement Management Plan and Purchase Request Information System (OPPIS) and Property Supplies Inventory Distribution Sub-System (PSIDSS) at NIA IV-A Training Center, Pila Laguna.

The 5-day training orientation aims to keep dynamic records and to put proper use of all acquired supplies, materials, and equipment of the agency.

Engineering and Operations Division Manager Engr. Erwin Lucela warmly welcomes the participants and the resource speakers while Administrative and Finance Division Manager Ms. Reynaria Tapia discusses the overview of the activity.

PSIDSS is an improved version of the Property Supplies and Materials Inventory Management System (PSMISS) while the OPPIS application was initially cascaded thru an online workshop during the last quarter of 2020.

In his message, RM Lopez highlights the importance of said training to capacitate concerned personnel with the new system and application.

“So, this will further equip all the property personnel to fully utilize the said system as they incorporate various property forms pursuant to the government accounting manual”, he added.

Various personnel in NIA Central Office under MID-CORPLAN, Procurement Section and Property Section - Administrative Department will serve as the resource speaker for said event.

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