VIsion, Mission and Objectives


Nationwide existence of efficient irrigation systems - that are environmentally sound and socially acceptable; located in strategic agricultural areas; capably managed by viable and dynamic Irrigators Associations; profitably producing good quality rice and diversified crops; progressively improving the welfare of the farm families, the rural communities; and sustainably supporting the Food Production Program of the Government

And NIA -

transformed into a financially independent organization that operates at its full potential with its employees enjoying compensation and benefits comparable with other service- oriented government corporations attaining its prominence as a leader in irrigation management in the Asian region, and attaining excellence as a well-managed government corporation


Development and management of water resources for irrigation and provision of necessary services on a sustainable basis consistent with the agricultural development program of the government.


  1. To develop and rehabilitate irrigation systems in support of the national food production program
  2. To provide adequate level of irrigation service on a sustainable basis in partnership with the farmers
  3. To provide technical assistance to institutions in the development of water resources for irrigation
  4. To support economic and social growth in the rural areas through irrigation development and management
  5. To improve and sustain the operation of the Agency as a corporation and service-oriented agency.