Status of Irrigation Development

The Philippines has about 10.3 million ha agricultural lands. Out of this, around 3.1 million ha are considered irrigable, with up to 3 percent slope, and primarily devoted to rice and corn. A study by the World Bank, however, identified more than 6.1 M ha as irrigable, including areas that are relatively more difficult to irrigate and up to 8 percent slope. 

As of December 2009, about 1.54 million ha or 49 percent of the 3.1 million ha have been developed for irrigation. Of the total area under irrigation, about 764,980 ha or 50 percent are under NIS; 557,630 ha or 36 percent under CIS that are farmer-managed; and 217,330 ha or 14 percent under privately owned systems that are constructed through private initiatives.